Thursday, January 4, 2018

More Creative Jumpstart

Today's Creative Jumpstart workshop was from Carolyn Dube. She suggested, among other things, that we use something from the garbage in our project. My first reaction was, "I have so many wonderful supplies. I don't want to use garbage!" Then I spotted my envelope collection (we pay most bills on-line, so the blank envelopes they give us to mail in go unused). Then I looked up and noticed my coffee can collection, and my gelato container collection, and I thought about that cabinet over the pantry where, if you open it too quickly, the oatmeal containers will fall out on your head and go rolling down the hall. I did use the envelope, but took pictures of the rest of it.
Toss or keep? KEEP!
I made the envelope into a pocket.
And here's my hand, in case you think I neglected to use a medium that was not completely under my control. The acrylic ink I used for the background got on me. And my desk. And my pant leg. And a drawing on another page (wiped it off).
It was beyond Oops. It was Uh-oh: Unexpected Havoc Overtakes House. Thanks for looking.


  1. Paint on your pant leg? I hear you!! I love your description of what you've done - it was fun to read, and a great project.

  2. What a fun page and post! So many can identify with keeping "stuff", just in case… I love all your comments written around your collections. You made me smile!