Saturday, April 11, 2015

Not all Warriors Make Wars

Once again, I decided to participate in Illustration Friday, and again, I didn't finish my image until Saturday. The topic this week was Warrior.  I call my painting "Not All Warriors Make Wars."
Not All Warriors Make Wars, by Florence Turnour
Here is last week's illustration for the Illustration Friday topic "Outside."
Thanks for looking!

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Go Outside!

This week, I decided to participate in Illustration Friday. The organizers give a topic illustrate, which this week was Outside, and participants can post their entries. Of course I didn't get mine done until Saturday, so I didn't get to submit it.
Go Outside! by Florence Turnour

Here's why it took me forever, other than that this kind of thing always takes me forever.
First I drew a bunch of sketches.
Not all of them made the final cut.
Then I scanned them in and arranged them into my composition.
Then I decided that I should paint the pieces separately, and assemble them in Photoshop. Why? I don't think this particular project really called for this, but I was a little afraid I'd screw up when I was 90% done, so I did it in bite sized pieces.
Of course, I painted the background image much larger than my scanner, so I had to scan it in in four, count'em four pieces. Once the background was assembled, though, the rest came together quickly enough (except that it was a day late).

Thanks for looking, and do go outside!