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100 Days Project: Inspired by Ed Emberley Days 30-39

Day 30 Day 31 Day 32 Day 33 Day 34: Gant Gator Graduates (1) Day 35: Taking a look at a Gator photo Day 36: Gant Gator Graduates (2) Day 37 Day 38: Emergency backup drawing for a day I was too lazy to put on my paint pants Day 39 I made a couple of them into buttons. I'm going to have to think "round" when I design the next few. I definitely need buttons of these.  My projects from these 10 days were inspired by Ed Emberley's collage work on books he wrote with his daughter. Thanks for looking!

100 Days Project: Inspired by Ed Emberley Days 20-29

Here is my next batch. Day 20: Collage Day 21: Cardboard birds Day 22: Collage Day 23: Collage Day 24: Acrylic ink (dip pen) Day 25: Acrylic ink (dip pen) Day 26: Acrylic ink (dip pen) Day 27: Acrylic ink (brush and dip pen) Day 28: Acrylic ink (brush and dip pen) Check out them 2 mm pigs. Day 29: Acrylic ink (brush and dip pen) Most of these days up to day 29 are inspired by these books: Thanks for looking!

Screen printing

I love making stencils, but stencil designs are limited in that they have to be one piece. For example you cannot have a stencil top print this shape because the inside white bits in the leaves would fall out. The white part, which is the stencil, is not one piece.  Stamps do not have this issue, but if you are cutting them out of foam, and gluing them down to make a stamp, lining up all the insides of the leaves, for example, would be tricky. Another option is to use a screen. Here is my first one. You can see the screen, taped to a cardboard frame in the top of the image, and some patterned paper I made with it at the bottom. I had the best results screen printing onto a Gelli plate, and printed from there onto paper. The screen suctioned itself onto the Gelli Plate, so there was very little leakage, and I could use the brayer to spread the paint, as there was no longer a need to push hard. I loved how it worked, so I made some more. These I mounted in mat boards, which I

100 Days Project: Inspired by Ed Emberley Days 10-19

Day 10: Journal Cover This one has a little electronics on the back. I even soldered!   Day 11 Day 12 Day 13  Day 14 Day 15 Day 16 Day 17 Day 18 Day 19 Thanks for looking!

100 Days Project: Inspired by Ed Emberley Days 3-9

Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Day 6 Day 7 Day 8 Day 9 Thanks for looking!