Sunday, August 16, 2015

The Plan: Stamping text on the Gelli Plate

This worked so well, I wanted to share it with the Gelli Printing world. I was originally planning to do this with self adhesive foam letters that you can buy in bulk at Michael's, but I hated the font. Then I found these cork letters for $5, and they worked like a charm.
First I put Velcro on the back of the letters I needed. I'll do the rest as I need them. Then I put the other half of the Velcro sticker on the back of an old Spellbinders packet (I compulsively keep packaging materials).

I lined up my letters, and loaded my Gelli Plate with acrylic paint.
Pressed the letters on the plate, and pulled them off.
Now I had a plan to make the text quite subtle, so I printed pink on pink for my first print, and then I pulled the ghost print on white paper. The first one does not show up all that well because of my color choices.

I also did a blue one blue.
When I was putting things away, I noticed that the Velcro is a bit stronger than the cork, so you have to be careful when removing the letters from the holder. I'm thinking of just using felt instead. Velcro doesn't stick all that well to the felt, but we don't need it all that stuck, and I don't want to break the cork.

Thanks for looking!

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Home made foam stamps

I want to make some foam stamps to use on my Gelli Plate, for texture. The rubber stamps are not fabulous for the acrylic paint (it's too thick maybe?), but the foam works well. Cutting it is a bugger, though. So I googled "tool for cutting fun foam" and found a lot of information about cutting styrofoam and that flower arranging squishy foam. The tool was a heat wand like a wood burning tool.

The wood burning tool we have actually came with a knife blade for cutting foam core boards. So I gave it a try on 1/4 inch thick fun foam. It worked well, but was a bit on the stinky side. I have a well ventilated spot with a big window and an exhaust fan in the ceiling, but I think I'd rather be doing this in high wind. I'm going to get a big fan for my next go at it. 

The tool sort of squish/melts the foam, so it is not precise. I tried each of the tips I have, and didn't love any of them. What I think I want is a short knobby tip like an embossing tool. I think if I had the right thing, I could get a pretty deep detailed impression.

In other news, I bought this old out-of-print book on Folk Art by Jerry & Jo Sonja Jansen. It's got great inspiration for me. I think I'll get Volume 2, as well.
Here's a progression, sans noxious fumes.
Inspiration from the Basics of Folk Art Volume 1
Optimistic design
Final product!
And here's a pig. Thanks for looking!