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Celebrate! Why not? I had a great time going to the Anaheim Scrapbook Expo with my friends last weekend. I decided to use Justrite Friday Challenge to try out some of the products I purchased. Here's my card, "Celebrate!" Celebrate! Justrite Friday Sketch Challenge #090 This is my second sketch challenge. I'm still getting the hang of it, which in my case means I pretty much copied the sketch. My favorite new item so far is the glittered embossing powder I bought from  Sparkle N Sprinkle . I have long wanted to glitter my stamped images, and I've done it with the glue stamp pad, but what a pain to clean the stamps and myself and my work area.  I shy away from that glue every time I think of using it. The Sparkle N Sprinkle product is embossing powder infused with glitter leaving the image both crisp and sparkly. Neither the pictures in the Sparkle N Sprinkle shop that I linked to above, nor these pictures of my card really do a great job showing the glit