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Benjamin's Squirrel

A short time ago, Colby Sharp ( @ColbySharp on Twitter) asked illustrators how big they make their drawings. He used #IDrawThisBig to share the results on Twitter. (Follow the link, to see the feed.) I learned that some artists draw small at first, and then enlarge their drawings to produced more detailed illustrations. Recently, I read or heard a picture book artist with a background is in animation talking about the importance of having a clear silhouette. I thought I might have an easier time getting my silhouettes clear a very small drawing. I also got to look through a sketchbook belonging to Illustrator Barbara Malley ( @BarbaraMalley on Twitter) which had densely packed pages of tiny detailed images. So with these ideas in the back of my mind, this morning I watched my children draw tiny little pictures in their drawing books. I always want to tell them to draw bigger, mainly so I can see what they're up to, but this time I thought the better of it. I enlarged one of B