Sunday, March 1, 2015

Benjamin's Squirrel

A short time ago, Colby Sharp (@ColbySharp on Twitter) asked illustrators how big they make their drawings. He used #IDrawThisBig to share the results on Twitter. (Follow the link, to see the feed.) I learned that some artists draw small at first, and then enlarge their drawings to produced more detailed illustrations. Recently, I read or heard a picture book artist with a background is in animation talking about the importance of having a clear silhouette. I thought I might have an easier time getting my silhouettes clear a very small drawing. I also got to look through a sketchbook belonging to Illustrator Barbara Malley (@BarbaraMalley on Twitter) which had densely packed pages of tiny detailed images.

So with these ideas in the back of my mind, this morning I watched my children draw tiny little pictures in their drawing books. I always want to tell them to draw bigger, mainly so I can see what they're up to, but this time I thought the better of it. I enlarged one of Benjamin's drawings on the photocopier, and he used the light table to transfer it to watercolor paper. Here is the finished result.

Squirrel Highway by Benjamin Turnour

Here's Benjamin's progression of images.
Thanks Colby, Barbara et. al. for the inspiration!