Sunday, July 29, 2012

Christmas in July

While I am always looking for new things to make with my stamps and dies, I thought the JustRite Friday Challenge, "Christmas in July," provides me with a good excuse to revisit the designs which attracted me to JustRite and Spellbinders in the first place. The fussy and ornate layered and bordered designs appeal to me for their detail and symmetry.
This design follows Beate John's tutorial for making a telescoping card. When I first dove into paper crafting, that video inspired me to make my whimsical Tea Caddy card, which also has that layered fussy look, though it's subject matter is a bit less traditional.

This card includes eight circular layers of card stock arranged in three telescoping stacks. I enjoyed coloring directly on the tree stamp from the JustRite Original set, From Our House, and on a border from the (retired) My Grandmother's Doilies sets, and stamping them on glossy card stock. I stamped the santa from the JustRite Original Vintage Christmas 3 set with brown ink on glossy cardstock, and colored him with stamping ink, using my stippling brushes, and some colored pencil to deepen the red.
I embossed a sentiment from JustRite Original set, Old Friends. I sponged the layers liberally in reds, greens and gold. After assembling the card, I added a ribbon to make the finished card into an ornament.
Golly, that's a lot of layers. Here's my gallery image showing both the folded and the unfolded card.
Wishing You Happiness, Telescoping Christmas Card
Just for fun, I submitted this card in Flourishes Timeless Tuesday Christmas in July challenge, as well. Thanks for looking!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Bicycle Built for Two

I bought this set of Mirkwood Designs Bicycle Stamps from Victorine Originals. I seem to be attracted to bicycles; I think it is because of the detailed negative space between the spokes, and the appeal of simple and effective mechanical devices. The Fashionable Stamping Challenge this week is "Let's Get Inky." I've always loved sponging, so I decided to use the embossed resist technique.
Bicycle Built for Two
Stamps by Mirkwood Designs
In addition to the sponged blue background, I inked the edges with a tan Distress Ink, and the scalloped border with gold.

I had two Spellbinders revelations in this project. I used one of my Spellbinders border dies as an embossing template and embossed the dots around the edge by hand, using the embossing tool that looks like a stick with a knob on the end. I love the dotted border.
For the tag, I used the third largest Romantic Rectangles die. It was too wide for my sentiment, though, so I made a narrower tag by cutting the thing twice. After cutting the first time, I shifted the little rectangle over in the die and cut again. It worked perfectly. I was even able to emboss it, and erase the lines from the overlap by rubbing on the back with my embossing tool.
I'm sure I'll use both of those tricks again. I love finding new ways to use the Spellbinders stuff. They fall into that attractive mechanical gadget category too.

I stamped and embossed the two riders on white glossy paper, and inked the image in blues using my new stippling brushes (which I love). I stamped and embossed the bottom part of the bicycle in black on top of my background, and then added the image of the riders, fussy cut, so they sit on the bike.
Thanks for looking!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Airplane Magnet Tag

My entry in the JustRite Challenge #77, "Tag You're It" is really these Dress Magnet tags, but I colored this other magnet while Benjamin was working on his tag, and decided to include it as well. I'm enjoying this magnet paper, but you have to double it to use it since the magnets are so wimpy.

For this one, I cut out two sheets of magnet paper with my JustRite Vintage Label and Banner Dies, and then stamped the airplane from JustRite's Going Places cling set on cardstock. I colored the image and glued the magnet on the back. Then I made the tag/holder for the magnet using a Spellbinders die and the larger die from the JustRite Vintage Label and Banner Dies. I stamped the image again in mauve and cut it out with a Spellbinder classic circle. Here's the disassembled set:
Thanks for looking!

Benjamin's Snowman Tag

Benjamin had such fun entering the JustRite Stars and Stripes Challenge, he wanted to have another go, and enter the JustRite "Tag you're it!" challenge #77.  Benjamin chose a snowman and border from the Groovy Snowman JustRite Original set. We had a little coloring session, and then he picked the paper and dies for the tag. I assembled it for him this morning, since we ran out of time before bed.
Snow Man tag by Benjamin Turnour (age 6)

Magnet Dress Tags

My dress stencil just turned die cut. I'm using the cut-out this time, to make these magnetic dress tags for the JustRite Challenge #77 "Tag you're it!"
Magnetic Dress Tags
I drew the dresses in Adobe Illustrator and cut them out on my Silhouette cutter (to make stencils, originally, here are some stenciled dresses). I cut out some dresses from white card stock, and another set from magnet paper. I stamped and sponged them, and then colored them with my Prismacolor Pencils, blending with so called Odorless Mineral Spirits.

On the purple dress, I used a stamp from the JustRite Original set called My Garden Set. I love the flowery dress; I was going to do them all in flowers, but I decided to shoot for variety.  The To and From stamps on all three dresses are part of a stamp in the  From Our House Set, and cut out with a die from JustRite's Vintage Label and Banner Dies.
Magnetic Dress Flower Tag

On the Christmas dress, I used a snowflake postage stamp from the JustRite Original From Our House Set. I love postage stamp stamps! These were fun to layer and color. In Southern California, we don't get the whole snow thing, that much, so I colored them in festive reds and greens.
Magnetic Dress Snowflake Tag
On the stripy dress, I used the JustRite Clear Classic Scallop Borders One, and the Ticking Stripe Background Stamp. I love how the bust came out on this one. Those scalloped borders make good hats too.
Magnetic Dress Tag in Scallops and Stripes
Then I adhered them to two copies each of the the magnet paper that I cut out on the Silhouette. I actually only attached them up to about the waistline, so that I could add the coat hanger at the end. I painted them with Mod Podge, and when they were dry, I added a generous layer of Mod Podge Dimensional Magic. After that was dry, I stuck in the coat hangers, which I bent out of craft wire, with glue dots, and attached the paper the rest of the way to the magnet.

I wanted to show you the magnets at work, but my refrigerator is not magnetic (something to keep in mind, if you are thinking of getting a stainless steel fridge), so I took this picture on my redder than red craft tool box.

Last, I'll show you a detail, since I'm particularly pleased with the coat hangers, and the way the bead holds the ribbon so nicely.
I entered these in the Simon Says Stamp random winner challenge, too. Thanks for looking!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Singing in the rain

I found an illustrator named Tor Freeman on the web. I don't remember what I was searching for, but I have been visiting her blog regularly ever since. I am enchanted with her illustrations, and plan to order her new children's book when it comes out. She made this illustration out if Singing in the Rain, and it inspired me to try one of my own.
Oddly enough, this infamous scene of Gene Kelly made it onto the radio news during dinner tonight, although it was a piece about pole dancing. I wonder how Tor Freeman added those rain lines in her drawing?  I wonder how she colored it in?  I scanned in my image and printed it out before coloring it in, so I might have another go. Maybe I'll use Photoshop instead of markers next time, just for fun.

Wait, that Photoshop coloring idea was much easier that I thought it would be, and I've done it already. It's too soon for another blog entry, so I'll just stick it in here.
What do you think, rain (right) or no rain (left)? Probably I should make the rain drops farther apart, and go with the rain. Ribbit?

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Would you like some T?

Maybe I should stick to Clean And Simple (CAS) cards. I have such a time deciding to add all those ribbons and rhinestones that the ladies favor when they participate in the challenges I follow.
This week's challenge from the CAS-ual Friday Challenge Blog is to use text on your card.  I'm sure this is not what they had in mind! Would you like some T?
Would you like some T?
I got both the alphabet and the tea pot out of the dollar bin at Michaels; I do not know the manufacturer.  I showed it to my husband, saying, "Look, I made a joke." He stared blankly at it. My son Benjamin said, "Why are there nails coming out of that teapot?" Sigh. D'ya get it? You know, it's T!

 Thanks for looking!

Star Lady dresses for the 4th of July

Star Lady decided to forgo tradition for this year's 4th of July party. She reached into the back of her closet and pulled out her most festive pair of lederhosen.

I have so many more JustRite stamps than I did last time I entered a Friday Challenge that I had a hard time choosing which ones to use for the Stars and Stripes Friday Challenge project. Star Lady's lederhosen were made from the Stitched Ribbon Background Stamp with suspenders and rhinestone studded belt from the matching border in the Classic Scallop Borders One set. Her party hat is another of the border stamps in that same set. Star Lady accessorizes with a handbag stamped "Live your dreams," from the Going Places Vintage Labels set, a sentiment that she felt somehow justifies her outlandish choice in wardrobe. Her purse dangle is a Tibetan Silver cat charm. (Tibetan silver is a zinc alloy that is made into charms and findings in China and sold on ebay for very good prices (though it comes to us on the proverbial slow boat). Everything is colored with my Prismacolor Colored Pencils and blended with (so called) oderless mineral spirits.
Star Lady in Lederhosen with a stylish "Live your Dreams" handbag

Her star shaped box is decorated to match her outfit, and topped with flowers made from Spellbinders dies and a punch. I cut all the stars and box template on my Sihlouette cutter. The box design is from the Sihlouette on-line shop; I cut the other shapes from drawings I made in Adobe Illustrator. I cut the Scalloped Border on the box out with the Classic Scallop Edgeabilities die from Spellbinders. It's really satisfying how perfectly these dies match the stamps!
Star Lady's gift box, decorated to match her outfit
Did you see my son Benjamin's entry into the Friday Challenge? His star shaped card inspired this project. Here's the set, all together.
Star Lady and accessories
Thanks for looking!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Make a wish card

"What are you doing, Mommy?"
"Looking at my computer."
"But *what* are you looking at?"
"This company has card making contests on their website. You make a card and then take a picture of it and link it into their site."
"But what happens to the card?"
"You keep it."
"WOW! You get to enter the contest AND keep the card?! I want to do that. What do I do?"

Look out JustRite Friday Challenge Number 76, here comes Benjamin! The theme this week is stars and stripes. Benjamin sorted through all the JustRite stamps I have and picked out the Make a Wish sentiment from a retired JustRite Original card making set (because of the stars). I told him he had to start with a sketch. He drew this (and we accidentally used it as a place mat when we sponged red ink onto a die cut).

He described it to me very carefully. He wanted a star shaped card, with stripes radially out from the the sentiment in the center, and star paper out on the points. When we chose paper, he decided to put the stars in the middle and the stripes on the points.

I helped him cut out the points with the paper cutter, and then he played with the Spellbinder dies until he had a layered stack he liked. He cranked them through the Cuttlebug, and I helped him assemble it.

"I think it needs something. You know. Something."
"Like bling?"
"Yeah. Like bling. What's bling?"
He selected some Want2Scrap rhinestones and stuck them onto the tips. "There. Now it's done." And then, "Hey, this bling says Want *2* Scrap, with a 2. Get it?" Yes, actually, I do get it. Thanks.
Benjamin and his Make a Wish card
Make a Wish, by Benjamin Turnour
Thanks for looking!