Sunday, January 7, 2018

Creative Jumpstart Day 6

You know how common sense says to just follow the recipe the first time, and then alter it after you know what's going to happen? I could have probably stood to do that. Instead, since the pattern of the day from Lisa Congdon's Patterns class is paisley, I thought I'd combine that with Andrew Borloz's Hodge Podge Soup recipe in Creative Jumpstart. Well, my version of the recipe has quite the mix of spices!
I'm going to do one with bigger-than-a-paisley patches of color, so that the patterns in the stencil will show up better (my paisleys were only a bit courser than my stenciled patterns). Still, the stencils made for excellent guides to make semi-symmetric doodles. When in doubt, more dots!

Thanks for looking!


  1. Ooh, this is glorious! I love all the tiny details - spicy all right!!

  2. What Cath said - it is SPICY! Great Job, Florence and thank you for learning from my "cooking" show!

  3. I love your spice mix Florence! The colors are so delightfully happy! I'm a HUGE fan of dots as well. They sure know how to spice up a project, don't they?