Tuesday, May 17, 2016

First Street in Long Beach

There is a nice neighborhood with large fancy houses and near to no traffic not too far from where my kids take tennis. I sketched there two weeks in a row, and then today, I drove to the end of the street and found a few shops. I bought a coffee so I could sit there, and painted the Park Pantry across the street.
I guess I'm fond of the Spanish style houses, since there is quite a variety on 1st street, but I chose similar houses for both sketches.

I'm hoping to finish this sketch book this summer. Although I'm getting used to it, I really like the cold pressed cotton paper better than the paper in this book. Still it will be fun to have a book full of sketches. I've filled up a few books before, but not with nice sketches; those are more like notes and scribbles than actual drawings.
Thanks for looking.

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