Monday, May 30, 2016

A few pages in my sketchbook

I'm taking an on-line class from Jane LaFazio called Watercolor Sketchbook: Designs from Life. The first week was about flowers and creating a completed page. I started my drawings at El Dorado Nature Center for my first page. Here is the finished page, with designs added.
I made some stencil designs from the yerba mansa shape, and made some gelli prints with them. I cut the shapes out of watercolor paper as well. I think I'm going to stitch it on as a flap to the page with the yerbamansa.
I drew hibiscus flowers from my back yard for the second page.
I also painted some day lilies, but I haven't finished the page yet. The second week's assignment was to draw vegetables. We were also encouraged to make rubber stamps from some of our patterning, but I haven't done that yet.

The second week is all about vegetables. I chose radishes.
There's even a horse radish.
Thanks for looking!

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