Sunday, July 22, 2012

Singing in the rain

I found an illustrator named Tor Freeman on the web. I don't remember what I was searching for, but I have been visiting her blog regularly ever since. I am enchanted with her illustrations, and plan to order her new children's book when it comes out. She made this illustration out if Singing in the Rain, and it inspired me to try one of my own.
Oddly enough, this infamous scene of Gene Kelly made it onto the radio news during dinner tonight, although it was a piece about pole dancing. I wonder how Tor Freeman added those rain lines in her drawing?  I wonder how she colored it in?  I scanned in my image and printed it out before coloring it in, so I might have another go. Maybe I'll use Photoshop instead of markers next time, just for fun.

Wait, that Photoshop coloring idea was much easier that I thought it would be, and I've done it already. It's too soon for another blog entry, so I'll just stick it in here.
What do you think, rain (right) or no rain (left)? Probably I should make the rain drops farther apart, and go with the rain. Ribbit?


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    1. Hello Sheena, Pete, Katherine and Lauren! You can clear something up for me. When someone leaves a comment on my blog, if I type a reply, do they ever see it? I mean I guess if they decide to come back and look again, they'd see it, but do you get an email or something saying that I replied? I've always wondered if I should say thank you in the comments to the nice things people have said on my posts.

      Yes, I did draw the frog. I had a picture of Gene Kelly, and another one of some actor in a stage performance of Singing in the Rain who was more or less in this pose, and about a dozen pictures of tree frogs. I drew in pencil for a while, editing a lot, and then I traced the picture in ink using my light table. Then I scanned it in,edited some more, and printed it out. so that I could color it. I thought my coloring would not be that great (the lamp post came out well enough, but the jacket and umbrella are kind of off), so I wanted to be able to print out a few copies and give it a few tries. I've actually almost finished the Photoshop coloring version, which I'll add in a bit. Thanks for asking!

      Do let me know if you see this comment...!

  2. I don't see any rain on the photoshop colored version. It is a really neat picture.