Sunday, October 10, 2010

The start of a new idea (5)

Back on track, I decided to repeat my attempt at try number 3, except with more beads, so the circle is larger. It came out nicely, and I like the effect of the herringbone decoration. I also like the color in this one.

It wants a rivoli in the center! To go with that idea, I need to start with the rivoli and work outwards. So I didn't finish embellishing this one, or figuring out how to give it some structure (it is quite floppy).

Shortly after Laura McCabe published that beautiful rivoli necklace pattern in Beadwork Magazine, we started seeing rivolis everywhere. We wondered if our Fringe Method technique would be a good way to capture a rivoli. In one of the rare occasions that Gwen and I were together in the same room, we quickly came up with the Rivoli Sunflower design, in which we modify the Fringe Method technique to accommodate the acute angles of the rivoli.
Rivoli Sunflowers
In my next attempt at a new design, I'm going to start with a rivoli captured by the Fringe Method, and add herringbone, and I hope to enclose it in the structure I made in version number 5.

Here they all are together, again:

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