Thursday, October 7, 2010

The start of a new idea (2)

So I had a good stare at the herringbone weave project that I shared in this post:

I decided that I didn't like the contrast between the color of the large and small beads in the herringbone weave, and that I didn't like that the outer edge ruffled. So on my second attempt, I changed the colors, and I eliminated the outer edge.

In an attempt to be lazy, I also used only four core beads this time. This had an effect that I should have predicted: the seed bead path, which was one long path in the five sided version, is two separate paths in the four sided version. The two paths each encircle a pair core beads that lie across the center from one another.

The look is interesting. Without the outer edge, this piece does not hold its form as well as the five sided version. It would need more structural stability to make a good pendant, but with all those 8/0's hanging around, there are plenty of places to add some reinforcement.

I think the idea that I started with, in which I start out with right angel weave, and then embellish with herringbone weave that uses two sizes of bead, has more potential than I have uncovered so far. In my next attempt, I am going to change the path of the seed beads so that they do not have to pass through the middle of the design, where they bunch up. Too bad I need to sleep, or I'd work on it more, right now.

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