Friday, April 8, 2016

Learn by watching

So far, I have not managed to fit a painting or drawing class into my schedule. I have not lost hope, but for the moment, I am learning by watching. Here are three artists that are inspiring me at the moment, and whose sites I'd like to have handy links to.

Chih Wei Lin is a Taiwanese artist who specializes in pen and ink drawings and watercolors. His blog is 1/2 Art Shrimp 1/2 Artist (translated by google), and he is on Facebook, a frequent contributor to the Urban Sketchers Facebook Group. Currently he is traveling in Italy, sketching in pen and ink and sharing inspiring drawings daily.

Mike Barnard is an English artist who paints mainly architectural scenes with mixed media and acrylic. He has a beautiful book, with so many paintings, it's hard to believe he has had time to paint them all.

Marc Taro Holmes is a central participant among the Urban Sketchers, writing books, teaching online classes and I believe helping with the Urban Sketchers blog. I took his Craftsy class People in Motion and am now working through Travel Sketching. Both are very good, and reinforce each other. His on-line presence is largely that of a teacher, and his lessons are organized and consistent, so I am enjoying learning from him.


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