Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Watercolor class projects

I've read loads of books since my last post. There is no way I'm going to keep up with that, given how much time I spend in the picture books at the library and bookstores.  It is a smaller task for me to keep track of some of my progress in art and illustration here.

I'm taking a watercolor class from Moira Hahn, which is demanding and engaging. In our first assignment, we learned to apply a flat wash (aha moment if there ever was one). I painted the absence of a potato masher, three times.
The Absence of a Potato Masher
 In our second assignment, we learned some texturing techniques. Then I doodled on mine.
Blue Sampler
The techniques sampler was to prepare to paint a blue still life. I am not a person to have stuff and things about the house, so I went to Peer One (a borage of stuff and things), and purchased a blue and white botchy ball.  Moira said it reminded her of a bowling ball, and I decided to go with that for my project. Here is my sketch.
Bowling Sketch
Moira discussed the purpose and necessity for a horizon line in a still life, so I added one in the painting.
Because of the placement of my salt shakers, the horizon line was not optimal. I drew a new sketch, and may repeat the project if I have time.
Bowling 2 sketch
I am learning so much at each step. I seem to have primed myself for years to take in, fast and furious, all sorts of things, from strategies in illustrating stories, to sketching to painting. I'm hooked.  Too bad there are not more hours in the day!

Thanks for looking.

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  1. I really really love what you did for the second assignment. I would totally hang those on my walls.