Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Monoprinting without a press

I am now the proud owner of another craft tool, the Gelli Plate.  They have a very active facebook page, and after watching interesting image after image go by, I finally gave in and ordered it. I love stencils and am excited to have another incentive to make them. I have made stencils before, using old overhead transparencies in my Silhouette electronic cutter, for use on paper, with stamps and for use on fabric, sun dying.  Now I am making stencils to use on my Gelli Plate. I'm at the "copy every tutorial you can find" stage in my printing. If you do Gelli printing, you'll recognize these easy techniques.

Here are some of the images I drew for my stencils. I'm enamored with folk art designs, at the moment.
Folk Art Flowers and Birds by Florence Turnour
Floral Wreath by Florence Turnour
Here are some prints from my first effort with the Gelli Plate.

I am looking for ways to embellish these prints, to add interest and help the designs pop out. Suggestions welcome! Thanks for looking.

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