Tuesday, July 5, 2011

If at first it seems to work, dye dye again

I added another layer of purple paint to my diatoms and stuck the stencils down on top for another go. I think layering that dotty diatom on top of itself (bottom image on the left) might have been a bit much, but the process was definitely a success.

Now I can make a veritable sludge pool of microbiological beasties, though I'm still shooting for cleaner colors. On that note, I made another layer on my yellow and pink test run, as well.
You can see in the top right where the yellow is on top of a blue/pink mix. It makes a bright but muddy color, if such a think makes sense. Even the yellow on top of the pink loses some of its lushness. I'm not sure I don't like it that way, though I would like to be able to control when I get muck and when I get clarity. Yellow on yellow worked nicely.

For my next trick, I will paint the fabric, without stencils, leaving some white. Then I will paint over with the same colors and add diatoms.


  1. Diatoms are awesome, especially in art! I don't think I've ever seen them represented in such blazing colors before. Any clothing ideas for the these pretty fabrics? Perhaps a flowing diatomaceous scarf?

  2. diatomaceous sounds itchy to me.

  3. Love them! What a cool object to use with this technique. I love the layering, and the shapes of these diatoms are really lovely. What kind of fabric are you using? Are your paints washable?