Saturday, May 5, 2012

Shirt Tag

I drew a Hawaiian Shirt (two days after the challenge that inspired me was over) and made a stencil. Then I used the embossed resist technique to decorate it with white flowers. The stamp is from Inkadinkado.
Hawaiian Shirt Tag
I'm going to make a few more shirts, but I was happy enough with this first go to show it off. I love to sponge through stencils. Fabric seems to come out extremely well with this technique. In addition to this shirt, I've also made an apron and a dress.

This shirt is actually three stencils. Here are the outlines:
Shirt stencils
If you want to use my stencils to make your own wardrobe, and have a cutter that can cut from an Adobe Illustrator file, I'd be happy to share. Shoot me a message.
Thanks for looking!

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