Sunday, September 5, 2010

Acetate Stencils: Apron!

I'm continuing my experiments with stencils, and planning a tutorial that I hope will entertain people with cutters and stamps. My first project was a dress, decorated with butterflies. The textures I get with this combination of tools and techniques remind me of fabric, so I decided another article of clothing was in order. Although 'tisn't the season yet, it will be before we know it, and I pulled out my red and green.
As with the dress, I drew the apron in Adobe Illustrator, and cut it out on my Silhouette cutter. This one uses two stencils, one with the apron and the other with the pockets, belt and bow. I kept the cut-out pieces for the red parts, and used them as a mask to get the two-colored apron. I'm so excited how easy and fun this is; I love finding new things to do with my cutter and my stamps.

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