Saturday, April 4, 2015

Go Outside!

This week, I decided to participate in Illustration Friday. The organizers give a topic illustrate, which this week was Outside, and participants can post their entries. Of course I didn't get mine done until Saturday, so I didn't get to submit it.
Go Outside! by Florence Turnour

Here's why it took me forever, other than that this kind of thing always takes me forever.
First I drew a bunch of sketches.
Not all of them made the final cut.
Then I scanned them in and arranged them into my composition.
Then I decided that I should paint the pieces separately, and assemble them in Photoshop. Why? I don't think this particular project really called for this, but I was a little afraid I'd screw up when I was 90% done, so I did it in bite sized pieces.
Of course, I painted the background image much larger than my scanner, so I had to scan it in in four, count'em four pieces. Once the background was assembled, though, the rest came together quickly enough (except that it was a day late).

Thanks for looking, and do go outside!

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