Thursday, August 1, 2013

Sidewalk chalk

We recently went to Oregon to visit my parents, and attended the DaVinci Days festival. For $5 you could get a square of sidewalk leading up to the show and a box of chalk pastels to do with what you liked. We got two. Stuart (age 5) wanted to do a landscape and Benjamin (age 7) wanted an underwater scene. So be it. My mother and I joined right in.

It was a little hard to photograph, especially since I was sort of trying not to touch my phone while taking the picture, since I was so covered with chalk.
Here are some close-ups.
 I love Stuart's trees and dolphin, above, and Benjamin's eel, jellyfish and octopus below.
The four of us must have colored for a couple of hours straight and used nearly all the chalk in both boxes. It was a great time. Maybe we'll host such a thing around here some day. There were about two blocks of sidewalk artwork in this project. 

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