Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Another Peyote Tube

This peyote tube uses the same pattern as the first one except that I used different sizes of crystals.

These top drilled bicones have always looked interesting to me, but I've not found a good use for them. Here, they make the tube quite stiff, so there was no need for extra reinforcement.

Gwen used these beads in her version of Cindy's Sakura Charm. They look fantastic.

For sale in Gwen's Etsy shop:
I'm definitely going to have to give that a try. Time to order bicones; Fire Mountain Gems seems to have them on sale!


  1. Ooo me like! I bet it would pair really well with Pandora-style lampwork beads too.

  2. That is really pretty! I love making beaded beads, you and Gwen inspire me constantly!

  3. Realmente preciosos los dos trabajos. Un saludo.

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  5. Very cute, like a barbell, but with more sparkle. (I deleted my last comment because I can't spell worth a darn.)