Monday, August 16, 2010

Celebrate the Journey

I applied to be a "design team member" for a stamp company called Victorine Originals. I'm not sure how likely it is that I will be selected, since I do not have a paper trail (literally) of rubber stamped work to show off, but it looked like fun, and it can't hurt to ask. While I was surfing on the Victorine Originals site, I found a tutorial for a waterfall card. It is a simple pop-up design that was easy to make. Here's mine:

You can find the template and tutorial here:
Victorine Originals waterfall card template.
I noticed when planning this card that the flaps do not need to be rectangles. I decided to cut out my hot air balloons so that they would appear layered in the sky (though why they are flipping up-side-down, I can't tell you). I also put the images on the back of the flaps, to add color, and cover up the ugly-Copics-soaked-through-to-the-back look.

I thought I'd take the opportunity to learn how to upload video. It was fairly trivial, at low quality. Here's how my waterfall card looks in action.

The card says "Celebrate the Journey," which was a rubber stamp included in the set of hot air balloons from A Stamp in the Hand. The other stamps in the card include a puff of wind from Rubber Monger, and trees from Hero Arts.


  1. Wow! I LOVE this card! I have done some waterfall cards but not ventured beyond larger rectangles and more attachments. I never thought of adding shaped images, but this looks great. Our son is headed back to college next week so this will be a perfect card with, "Have a great sophomore year- We know you'll soar!" on the inside.TFS!

  2. Oh how wonderful Florence! I love interactive cards but haven't made any because I'm not sure the recipient will understand how they work! I love your ballons and those gusts of wind are perfect! Good luck! I hope you make the design team!

  3. Great card! Love the necklace in the other post!